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How to spend a day in Sentosa Island

How to spend a day in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island in present day is by large an island resort developed by Resorts World Sentosa. It is just half a kilometre away from main island Singapore. The most popular attraction here is a 2 km long sheltered beach off the Strait of Singapore.

How to spend a day in SentosaPlan your trip

Start early if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. There’s a lot to do here. Whatever your reasons are to visit Sentosa Island, I’m sure you can never get enough of what Sentosa has to offer. It’s like a wonderland from your childhood dreams.

How to spend a day in SentosaIt is always advisable to chalk out a plan before reaching here because as I said, you just can’t get enough of Sentosa Island. Should you want to spend a day or two here, you will have just enough time to cover nearly everything that Sentosa has to offer. But if you are visiting Sentosa for a day, you need to make a list of all the activities that you want do here prioritising each against another. Sentosa Island is packed with entertainment of all kinds that suits all age group.

how to spend a day in SentosaHow to reach there??

By Road: the SMRT Bus to Sentosa is the cheapest option available presently to enter Sentosa Island by road. A single ticket from Telok Blangah Road is priced at S$2 including island entry per person. However, this may vary depending on the location you are alighting from and the ticket price may go up to S$ 4.50, excluding island entry per person.

Entering Sentosa Island by a private car or a taxi is another way to enter Sentosa Island by road. Each car or taxi may set you back by up to S$7. Hiring a private car also comes with the headache of parking your vehicle and of course there’s a parking fee. Hailing a taxi is the fastest as well as the dearest option available. The price actually depends on the time and day you are entering the island and may vary from S$2 – S$7. This obviously excludes the regular taxi fare that the cabbie is going to charge you depending on the place of origin.

By Waterways: The ferry service to Resorts World Sentosa is right now not in operation due to a multi-million dollar development project. However, a few ferries do operate between Singapore Main Island and the islands of Kusu and St. John.

By Cable Car: You can take the cable car from either Mount Faber or Harbour Front Tower 2 to Sentosa Island. Ticket per adult is priced at S$26 (return), including the island entry pass.

How to spend a day in SentosaBy Rail: Personally, I found this to be the most convenient way to enter Resorts World Sentosa. All you have to do is to take the MRT to Vivo City Mall. After alighting at the MRT station, go straight to the Level 3 of the mall. The Sentosa Express monorail operates from here. A round trip cost S$4 per person, including island entry pass. The Sentosa Express is operational very day between 7am to 11:45 pm and has a frequency of 5-8 minutes. Once you buy the Sentosa Express ticket, your getting around “within” the Sentosa Island automatically becomes free of charge. That means you get entitled to hopping on and hopping off the trams that operates between different locations within the island.

How to spend a day in SentosaSentosa Broadway

By simply walking: You can take the Sentosa Broadway for a leisurely walk to the Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Broadway lies between the Vivo City Mall and Sentosa Island. On arriving at the Vivo City Mall, got to the top floor food court, exit onto the terrace and you will be able to locate the Sentosa Broadway.

Grab that map!

While you are in Singapore, look for any free map and brochure that are placed at most tourist places. You will most likely be able to get hold of a Sentosa Island map.

How to spend a day in SentosaVivo City Mall

Two places you will surely get the Sentosa map is at Vivo city Mall on the same level where the Sentosa Express leave from, and on your arrival at Sentosa Island near the ticket counter. You can also download the map online. A Sentosa Map gives you an idea of all the attractions and sites within the island.

Getting Around

How to spend a day in SentosaSentosa Tram

Locate the spots you want to visit and find the tram route that will take you there. Next thing you do is just hop on the tram that will pass through that particular route and then hop off at your desired location. This is the easiest way to get around Sentosa Island and therefore you have your Sentosa Express ticket with you, you don’t have to pay extra.


How to spend a day in SentosaUnderwater World, Butterfly Park, Sky Tower, Sentosa Merlion, Siloso Beach, Fort Siloso, Flying Trapeze, Song of the Sea, Palawan Beach (Southern-most point of Continental Asia), Tanjong Beach, Universal Studio, to name a few. Refer HERE.

How to spend a day in SentosaFood

Plenty of food options are found scattered throughout the resort. Menu ranges from western to hard core Asian.


If you are planning to spend a night or two in Sentosa Island, you can choose from the vast options available here. The most popular ones are Shangri La’s Rasa Resort, Siloso Beach Resort and Movenpick Heritage Hotel.

Camping and other Activities

Option to pitch your tent at any of the Sentosa Beach is available between 7am to 7pm. However, if you are looking for overnight camping, then you need to get prior approval from the Southern Island Management. Click for more details.

Exploring Sentosa Island on The Segway and The Skyline Luge are great fun filled options. The Segway is a battery run green vehicle which you can ride to explore the beaches of Sentosa. Click for details. The Skyline Luge can found at Imbiah Lookout. Click for more details.

Want to explore sea life up close? Underwater World at Siloso Point is a must visit at Sentosa.