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Train Journey In China

Train Journey In China


Train journey is China is a must if you are visiting the country. China, being the most populous country, faces the hurdle of transporting huge swath of people every day. The population here depend predominantly on the country’s much developed rail network.

China Train BudgetHardship for a better future

It was the British who first laid railway network in China. The kingdom, then under the Qing Dynasty, remained hostile towards this western development. In fact, a part of Chinese history can be dedicated to this constant strife between the Chinese and the British over the laying of railway networks. I’m sure you have watched at least one Chinese movie that bring alive such stories of the yesteryears.

China Train BudgetChugging Through The Tibetan Plateau

But today, the scenario is totally different. China’s railway is one of the busiest and the best in terms of technology. If you are from a non-rail dependent country, travelling in China by rail can be utterly exciting for you. There’s so much energy and activities surrounding a train journey in China yet with minimum chaos, it is much relaxing than a train journey in other South-East Asian countries.

China Train BudgetPC: cbjreview

China has a very modern rail network with advanced engineering and is at par with the developed nations. The High-Speed Trains of the recent years is a very popular mode of transport both among the locals as well as among foreign tourists. In fact, with all the development that you see in all of urban China, it is at times hard to believe that China is still called a “developing” country.

With its vast expanse of un-populated land and a billion plus population, one area that China has rightly invested in, is the country’s rail network. Curiously, China’s ambitious rail and road projects along the freezing Himalayas, has given quite a shiver to her neighbour, India.

China Train BudgetTrans-Siberian Rail Route

Despite freezing conditions in the country’s northern parts, China has outdone many of her “developed” counterparts. The Beijing – Moscow rail link is a proven example of Chinese (and Russian) ambition.

China Train BudgetIt took several years amidst some harshest winters and geological challenges, to build the Beijing – Moscow rail route. Holes had to be dug deep into the permafrost. But the ambition of the mega engineers, combined with modern day technologies made the impossible possible.

China Train BudgetThis week long train journey will luxury to its next level

Today the Trans-Siberian Beijing – Moscow Train attracts several locals from both sides, as well as foreign tourists and is considered among one of the most popular train journeys in the world. What makes the journey so awe-inspiring is its journey through a land of absolute barrenness. It takes approximately 6.5 days to reach Moscow, Russia from Beijing, China, making stops in between throughout the week-long journey, including a stop in Ulan Bator in Mongolia.

It crosses the cold Gobi Desert and the grassy Russian Steppes, passing through 3 different countries with diverse cultural and lingual structures. While a week in a train may sound too claustrophobic for many, there’s huge demand for this leg of Trans-Siberian Train Journey and with the best of the best amenities provided by both the countries, there’s little that passengers might complain.