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An Evening with the Ladyboys of Pattaya

An Evening with the Ladyboys of Pattaya

Ladyboys PattayaPattaya can be famous (and infamous) for a lot many reasons. The beach, the pubs, the people, the walking street, cheap yet lavish resorts…Pattaya has so much to offer to a budget tripper. But one rather interesting thing that Pattaya is known for, are the beautiful Ladyboys. This post is dedicated to all those lovely artists without whom Pattaya wouldn’t have been as colourful.

Ladyboys Pattaya

Family Show

There are a number of theaters where you can see the Ladyboys performing. While some are “adults only” others are family friendly. Tiffany’s and Alcazar Shows are very famous theaters here in Pattaya. An evening with the Ladyboys in Pattaya is undoubtedly a super exciting one.

Ladyboys Pattaya

Easy Ticket

I was staying at a resort near the Beach Road and booked my Alcazar Show tickets through their travel help desk. They got me tickets of the 6:30 pm show and I paid approximately 550 – 600 THB for each ticket. Check out the details Here.

By 6:00 pm, a “Songthaew” (a motor vehicle, very common to see in Pattaya) was waiting for us at the resort and in no time we reached the theater.

The Alcazar Theater

The Alcazar Theater is located just outside the crowded part of Pattaya. Its a no-nonsense carefully designed theater with well trained management. The very first glimpse of the theater and the accompanying crowd, subtracted the little doubt I had about the place. Ladyboys PattayaThe Alcazar Theater

Yes, it is a family place. Nothing looked vulgar to me. No erotic items on display. In fact, what you can see there is a world class stage that boasts modern technology.

The Show Begins!

Ladyboys PattayaMy seat was right to the front on the second row of the gallery. I made myself comfortable in my “VIP” seat. Some drinks were served too (probably orange juice). And then it was show time! As the curtain drew open, I saw the most colourful and extravagant stage complete with professional lighting and smokes. And of course, the Ladyboys were there! Dressed in beautiful glittery attires, the artists performed the most colourful welcome dance I had ever seen.

I bet you will LOVE this video. Watch till the end!

The show continued. it was a fusion act with Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and even Western dance moves. Every act looked like it had a story to tell and the dancers executed them superbly well. There were also a few comedy acts in between to keep the audience entertained all along.

Ladyboys Pattaya

Awesome Experience

For me, it was truly an awesome evening full of colours and exotic music. The show ended with the entire gallery of audience applauding loudly as the Ladyboys put up an outstanding show.

Ladyboys Pattaya

Not Over Yet!

As I came out of the hall, I found that the evening was not yet over. The actors/performers had actually come out and they stood scattered among the crowd, which means you can meet them personally and click pictures with your favourite Ladyboy. They obviously charge for each photo you click with them.

Ladyboys PattayaChoose your favourite star

What experience do YOU have with the Ladyboys of Pattaya? I would love to know your story 🙂