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Beijing Hong Kong T97 Train – An Inner Story

Beijing Hong Kong T97 Train – An Inner Story


Beijing Hong Kong T97 Train – An Inner Story

If you are in Beijing and planning to visit Hong Kong, consider a journey by the T97 Train. Although there are many cheap direct flights operating between the two cities, this journey will certainly give you a better experience of your China Trip. Moreover, the Beijing Hong Kong Train is still the cheaper option than the low cost flights.

The train passes through the Chinese countryside, leaves the mainland, and enters into the island territory of Kowloon in Hong Kong. This train journey takes about 24 hours but in itself is like an exploration of the Chinese lifestyle.

Moreover, the train makes its way through the major Chinese cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, thus giving you the option of alighting at these destinations as well.


The Chinese name for Hong Kong is Jiulong. So if you are buying your ticket from Beijing, your ticket will read as Beijing ↔ Jiulong.



Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe last stop of the Beijing Hong Kong T97 Train is Hung Hom Station, which is in the Kowloon part of the Hong Kong Island. So to clear the confusion, the Beijing Hong Kong Train can be referred as any of the following:

Beijing ↔Jiulong

Beijing ↔ Hong Kong

Beijing ↔ Hung Hom

Beijing ↔ Kowloon

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe T97 train leaves Beijing from the Beijing West Railway Station.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe Beijing West Railway Station – also referred to as Beijingxi Railway Station.


You can directly book the tickets online through a third party online booking agency OR you can book it via a Trusted Local Tour Agency.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThere’s a peculiar trait of the T97/T98 trains. These trains operate on odd and even dates alternatively and there’s no fixed month when, which of these trains will run on odd or even days. Confusing enough right? You can clear your confusion HERE.

The Train Station

The Beijing Hong Kong T97 Train leaves from the Beijing West Railway Station. Since this an international cross border train, there will be immigration formalities and some strict security checking at both Beijing and Hung Hom stations.

Beijing Macau TrainThe Beijing West Railway Station is a no alien place. All the instructions are given in both English and Chinese so just follow the information boards and make your way up the platform.

The T97 train leaves Beijing at 1 pm and reaches Hong Kong the next day at 1 pm approx.

The train from Beijing to Hong Kong is numbered as T97 and from Hong to Beijing as T98. Make sure you check out the odd/even dates before making your bookings.

The Train

The classes in this train are divided into 3 categories:

Hard sleeper: 529 RMB or about 80 USD for lower berth (6 berth compartment).
Soft sleeper: 822 RMB or about 125 USD (4 berth cabin).
Deluxe Soft Sleeper: 1200 RMB or about 180 USD (2 berth cabin with a couch and an attached toilet).

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetHard Sleeper

An additional fee ranging from 20 USD to 100 USD can be charged if you book in advance through train booking web sites.

The Compartment

I travelled in the Soft Sleeper and was very much amazed by the cleanliness. The railways have employed some well efficient crews, who do their job righteously (or so I felt).

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetAs I approached to board my coach, I was greeted by a lady crew member, who checked my ticket, replaced it with an inboard one and guided my way in.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe blue and white carpeted passage gives the entire compartment a clean and classy look.

Along the passage, there are single foldable seats at regular intervals with newspaper racks.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetEach coach is separated by a push-button semi-automatic sliding door.

As I entered my cabin, things that really caught my eyes were the large curtained picture window and the cabin sliding door that doubles up as a full length mirror! There is also a storage bunk above the cabin door to keep your luggage safe and aside.

Every cabin has a public addressing system and each berth has a mini TV. Then there are hangers to hang your clothes, use ‘n throw slippers, comfortable fluffy blankets, plush pillows, reading lights, mineral water bottles, a covered steel trash bin, etc. — all neatly arranged and ready to use.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetDeluxe Soft Sleeper

With the hot water dispenser, near the entrance of each compartment, you can stir up an instant noodle meal at any time of the day and will never be short of a cup of coffee.

The Hard Sleeper class is separated from the Deluxe Soft Sleeper and the Soft Sleeper class and does not have access to the pantry and bar area.

The Toilet

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe Deluxe Soft Sleeper class has an attached toilet in the cabin while the Soft Sleeper has separate wash area and toilet on either ends of each compartment.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetThe toilet and wash area looked clean at the time of boarding but soon became soiled and watery despite the effort by the cleaning staffs.


Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetAt every meal hour, the pantry staffs will come knocking at your cabin door with a basket full of packaged meals. These set meals are cheaper than the pantry sit ‘n eat meals. The set meals, though cheaper, hardly have any menu option and will either be a beef meal or a chicken meal.

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetNo Idea How That Should Have Tasted!

In the pantry car, the menu is both varied and interesting. The price is a bit on the higher side though. Nevertheless, the dine-in experience at the pantry car is a must try and something you will never forget….Lunch on Wheels as the Chinese countryside is chugging away behind you!!

Beijing Hong Kong Train budgetBeijing Hong Kong Train budget

The T97/T98 is train journey you don’t want to miss. Your holiday in China will remain incomplete without a Train Journey in the country.