Cheap tune hotel review

Super Cheap Tune Hotel – A Review

Super Cheap Tune Hotel – A Review


The phenomenon called Tune Hotel was started to cater to the needs of economical travellers. Owned by the Malaysian Billionaire, Mr Tony Fernandes, today there are at least 41 Tune Hotels across the globe, not to mention the several others that are awaiting inauguration.

Why Special?

When it comes to super cheap accommodations, there are hundred other options. So what makes Tune Hotel so special?

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Tune Hotel’s tag line says it all. They claim to give you “5-Star sleeping at 1-Star price!” Well of course, the 5-star thing is slightly exaggerated but after a stay, you won’t complain either.

Here’s why:

  • A room in Tune Hotel per night is priced at the lower end of the price chart at the respective local hospitality industry.
  • You can almost always grab some awesome deals online!

Cheap tune hotel review

  • The rooms have the basic of amenities, which is just fine for spending a night or two. Furniture is minimum, depending on the type of room you have booked. The basic room type will have a bed, an attached bath, an iron safe, two wall hangers, a folding TV rack (without a TV) and that’s all.
  • A room on the higher price end will have lot more.
  • What they mean by “5-star sleeping” is the sleep quality. The beds are soft and plush and not the hard iron ones you find in hostels.
  • Despite being low priced, there are house-keeping services in Tune Hotel. So the rooms, lobby and passages never look shabby; thus giving you the impression of a boutique hotel.

Cheap tune hotel review

  • Those of you have lived in backpacker hostels will know the luxury of an attached bath. Every room in Tune Hotel comes with an attached bath and toilet. Crammed into the smallest space you can imagine, the bath with “power shower” is methodically separated from the lavatory by a functional glass door.

Cheap tune hotel review

  • You can use the fitted hair dryer free of charge but please confirm this from the reception desk.
  • The rooms have magnetic key system like most star-rated hotels.
  • Intercom facility is available.
  • The hotels have 24 hours security.
  • Another speciality of Tune Hotel is that you can use the internet free of charge for up to 30 minutes per booking, per day. However, the internet facility is only available in the lobby.

The Cons

Amazing stuffs always come with certain cons. When they say that you can get 5-star experience at the lowest possible price, there’s ought to be some catch in it. And the catch is: nothing comes for free. I mean NOTHING.

  • What you pay online or at the reception is just the “price for the room.” But of course, if they say that they have attached bath and toilet with every room then they remain true to that. So no worries here.
  • Depending on your room type and preferences, most of the electrical equipment that do not come for free with the room, is chargeable. This means even if you have an AC in your room, you cannot use it!
  • You are expected to ask for the usage of all the electrical equipments in your room. I would also advise you to ask for the usage of hair dryer as well. Usually, the free to use equipment appears on the LCD screen of your magnetic key holder.

Cheap tune hotel review

  • The lowest cost rooms do not have a TV. But they do have a wooden folding TV-rack in every room. So you may ask for its installation if you get bored in the tiny hole. Mind it, you need to pay extra!
  • The most amusing USP of Tune Hotel however, is that you have to pay for your toiletries! As mentioned before that “NOTHING” comes for free. If you urgently require some toiletries, just call the reception on your in-room intercom and your “exquisitely packaged” toiletries will be hand delivered. Pay the amount, and it’s all yours. However, you need not worry about toilet rolls! Teeheeheee 😀

Cheap tune hotel review

Other Specialities                                                                                        

  • The white and bright red coloured hotels are easy to spot and all the Tune Hotels are strategically located either at a city’s downtown location or within a few kilometres from an airport.
  • At some locations, there are “paid shuttle” buses plying between the hotel and the airport.
  • Another very special thing about Tune Hotel is that the rooms are often displayed in glass boxes at important locations such as airports, subway stations and sometimes in the hotel’s lobby. The size of the real room is shrunk to fit the display area. Due to this marketing strategy; the Tune Hotel rooms are often nicknamed as “Shoe-box rooms.”

Cheap tune hotel reviewOn display at public place

  • The hotels do not have in-house dining facilities. But they do house some international food chains such as 7 Eleven, Subway, etc. and some local food canteens as well.

Sum & Substance Of Tune Hotel

Whatever the cons are, they get overshadowed when you compare the room prices with similar standard hotels. The very quintessence of Tune Hotel is “standard living at the cheapest possible cost” and they undoubtedly deliver that. Moreover, their strategic locations make commuting easy and if your hotel has a paid shuttle service (like mine), then that’s an added advantage.

Cheap tune hotel review

Tune Hotel is ideal for spending that extra night when your flight has got delayed by several hours and you need quality sleep before reaching your next destination. At present, there are 41 Tune Hotels in various locations. While most are clustered around the South East Asian countries, some have made their way to the United Kingdom and Australia, as well.

Combining all these points together, it gets clear that the idea behind Tune Hotel is a success story and they are indeed very popular among budget travellers.

Have you ever spent a night in Tune Hotel? What’s your experience there??

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  1. Tune Hotels are the best option in the South East Asian countries. I stayed at one in Philippines and Malaysia. Truly value for money and quality sleep.

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