must visit places in Thimphu

Must See Places In And Around Thimphu

Must See Places In And Around Thimphu


For those who are unaware of this beautiful Himalayan city, Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan —- a country known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.”

must visit places in ThimphuThimphu, being the national capital, enjoys all the advantages of a modern city even though, Bhutan is by large a developing country and industrial infrastructure is hardly visible here. Nevertheless, Bhutan is a breathtakingly beautiful country.

The currency here is Ngultram (1US$ = Ng 60/- approx.) and the language spoken is Dzonkha.

must visit places in ThimphuMy Hotel in Thimphu that’s also a mall and houses two  restaurants!!

must visit places in ThimphuEarly morning view – Thimphu city centre

In terms of accessibility, Thimphu is the best place to be in Bhutan. There are many cheap hotels and guest houses in Thimphu and nearby Paro. The city is small in terms of a national capital but surprisingly there are too many places to visit in and around Thimphu.must visit places in Thimphu Tashi Chho Dzong – It houses the throne of the king and has been the seat of Bhutan’s government. The Dzong (fort) is only open to visitors during the Thimphu Festival that happens in the month of October every year.

must visit places in ThimphuGangtey/Gangteng Monastery – is located in Wangdue Phodrang district and it takes about 2h30min to reach there from Thimphu via Punakha. (PC-theculturalgully)

must visit places in ThimphuDechen Phodrang Monastery – located in Thimphu, it is a monastic school for young monks.

must visit places in ThimphuMy baby sister in front of the Rinpung Dzong in Paro. This fortress is located close to the Paro Airport.

must visit places in ThimphuDrukgyal Dzong, Paro – is a 17th century fortress that was destroyed in a massive fire in the 50s. If you are visiting here post winter, the snow-caped mountains in the backdrop will surely take your breath away. (PC-Source)

must visit places in ThimphuJigme Dorji National Park in Gasa. PC-Wiki

must visit places in ThimphuMotithang Takin Reserve – Bhutan’s national animal is the weird looking Takin. The animal looks like half cow and half deer. The Motithang Takin Reserve close to Thimphu city centre is a protected area that preserves this national pride of Bhutan. (PC-Source)must visit places in ThimphuSangaygang Viewpoint – its importance lies in its location. The viewpoint is located at the base of the city’s TV tower, which is another pride of the nation as it was only in the late 90s that television first made an entry to this virgin piece of land. The entire city of Thimphu can be seen from here.

must visit places in ThimphuTashi Square Clock Tower and Market – a place where the locals hang out and is a good place for some shopping.

must visit places in ThimphuWeekend Flea Market. (PC-Source)

must visit places in ThimphuParo – about 50 km from Thimphu lies Paro. It is where Bhutan’s International Airport (or the Paro Airport) is located.

must visit places in ThimphuIn the picture above, you can see the famous Taktshang Monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. (PC-Source)

must visit places in ThimphuHaa Valley – the river here is called Haa-chu 😀 (PC-Source)

must visit places in Thimphu13. Punakha Dzong – it is here where Bhutan’s present Royal couple, Jigme Khesar Namgyal and Jetsun Pema tied the knot in October 2011. (PC-Source)

must see places thimphuThe Royal Couple (PC-Source)

With such breathtaking landscape, beautiful people and easy budget, Bhutan is a country that you must visit. The country has so much to offer for a wanderer to get lost in its beauty and mysticism, not to forget, it is also a less travelled destination, thus giving you a greater prospect to explore this virgin land.


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