Beijing Macau Train

How to Reach Macau from Beijing

How to Reach Macau from Beijing


How to Reach Macau from Beijing

In the following article, I will talk about the road-rail-ferry route to reach Macau from Beijing. While I was planning this trip, I found that there are direct and indirect flights from Beijing to Macau. But I also found that they pinch too much on my pocket. So I planned the following itinerary for myself as there were NO OTHER “cheaper” option to reach Macau from Beijing.

Beijing Macau TrainReaching Macau

My journey to Macau was a stressful one as I had been travelling from Beijing through Hong Kong and finally reaching Macau by rail, road and ferry.

Beijing Macau TrainBeijing West Railway Station

I started the journey in Beijing, travelling from my hotel there to the Beijing West Railway Station. I booked a ticket in soft-sleeper class of  the overnight T97 train to Jiulong or Hong Kong. After alighting at Hong Kong’s Kowloon station at 1pm, clearing immigration took nearly 50 minutes since it was my first time there and understanding the whole procedure took some time. Once out of the Railway Station, I hailed a Taxi from the stand. The taxis just keep coming, so you don’t have to worry about not finding one. They are metered and unlikely to be fraud.



Beijing Macau TrainKowloon Station – Taxis are available outside this gate

By Ferry

Macau is just about an hour away from Hong Kong by ferry. The ferries start operating early in the morning and continue until late at night. Hundreds of tourists, locals and businessmen cross over between Hong Kong and Macau everyday and the ferry is the most popular option.

Beijing Macau TrainTurbojet Ferry

I wanted to get the Turbojet ferry to Macau hence my next destination was Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal in Tsim Tsa Tsui. After reaching there and with a little guidance from fellow travellers, I reached the ferry terminal lounge, bought my economy class Turbojet High Speed Ferry ticket and waited for the next ferry to arrive. By this time, it was 3pm and my ferry was to arrive within the next 25 minutes. The Turbojet ferries are easy to identify by the red colour. They are spacious and comfortable and have separate space for storing your luggage.

Beijing Macau TrainInside Turbojet Ferry

Some Tips:

If someone approaches you right in front of the ferry ticket counter, trying to sell you discounted tickets, you NEED NOT WORRY. There’s nothing to be skeptical about them. They are people from various travel agencies selling out GENUINE bulk tickets at discounted rates. The discount margin however, may vary from $2 to $5 only; nevertheless you are free to buy your tickets from the counter if you don’t get bothered with the extra few dollars.

Once you have your tickets, you will proceed to immigration after which you will be allotted the ferry seat number. They hand out random seats, so if you are willing to get a window seat, just mention it to them.

Bouncy Journey

Journey from Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to Macau Ferry Terminal takes about an hour. The ferry keeps bouncing against the waves which can give you a feeling of sea sickness. I always avoid sea-sickness by dozing off.

Transport in Macau

On reaching Macau Ferry Terminal, if you have a booking with one of the popular casinos or any hotel with free shuttle service, the Bus Terminal at Macau Ferry is where you need to head to. Once you come out of the ferry terminal building gate, you will find people rushing inside an under-way. Just follow them to reach the Bus Terminal on the other side of the road and board the free shuttle bus of your hotel.

The Bus Terminal is always crowded with free shuttle buses of various casinos and hotels. I had my booking with The Venetian, Macau and the bright blue colour of Venetian buses is easy to locate.

Beijing Macau TrainIf you want to take a Taxi, you can directly hire one from this side of the road and need not go inside the under-way to reach the Bus Terminal.

Macau At First Glance

BY the time, I boarded my hotel bus, it was already 4:30 and I had been travelling non-stop for more than 30 hours! The view from the bus is quite relaxing. Macau thrives on tourism and is a Casino hub of the East. The entire island is landscaped beautifully with a tropical touch.

Beijing Macau TrainCourtesy:



On a first glance, Macau streets looks exceptionally clean. As the bus starts moving, the various casinos and star hotels appear one by one and for those who dream about a Vegas Holiday, it cannot get more exciting! Soon the bus will cross the historical Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge. The Hong Kong – Macau Zhuhai Bridge appear in the distance. You will also get a  glimpse of the Macau Tower. Overall, you will find the scenery to be refreshingly beautiful.

Beijing Macau Train Macau Tower

Finally, your journey from the temperate north of Mainland China (Beijing) to the south-eastern tropical island of Macau ends after an exciting road-rail-ferry journey that lasts for about a day and a half!

Commute without a penny in Macau – Free Shuttle Bus!!!

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