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China Smog Solution Found

China Smog Solution Found


Giant Bubbles as China Smog Solution

Recently, a London-based architecture and design company has come up with an unusual solution called “Bubbles” to help combat smog in China.

What is Smog?

China Smog ProblemOh that’s very easy. Smoke + Fog = Smog!

Smog has become one of the most hazardous air pollutants by the end of 20th century. Carbon monoxide emitted by coal fires that is used to produce electricity and smoke from traffic emissions get combined with atmospheric fog during colder months, thus producing Smog.




China Smog ProblemBritain and China have been combating smog for long. However, off late, China is facing the severest problems related to smog. In fact, the problem is no longer solely related to health. It has now entered China’s political realm. Recently, the Government even banned a movie on the China’s Smog Problem that meted out with loud protests from netizens.

Smog Mask SelfieHow about a Smog Mask Selfie

When I visited China earlier this year, I too found it difficult to breathe through the visibly polluted air, so much so that I choked. I even chose to buy some smog masks that are widely sold in all Chinese cities.

China Smog ProblemChina Smog Seen From Space – a NASA Image

A Solution is here

The “Bubbles” project is still in the conceptual stage. The project aims at creating outdoor green spaces which would be covered by giant bubble-shaped domes in many Chinese cities where adverse environmental conditions make it tough for people to spend time outdoors. With this new concept the Chinese population can now be able to stay outdoors without risking their health.

China Smog ProblemAn artist’s impression of a futuristic Smog Bubble

The “Bubbles” will be in the form giant balloons that will enclose botanical gardens, retail and office complex under a giant transparent roof. According to Mr Rajat Sodhi, the co-founder of this company, the “Bubbles” with will be filled with filtered air and will have controlled temperature and humidity throughout the year.



Inspiration from NatureChina Smog Problem

The geometry of the “Bubbles” was generated using an algorithm that stimulates the development of veins in leaves or in butterfly wings.

China’s ultimate smog solution

The “Bubbles,” once materialised will be China’s ultimate smog solution. It will be an infrastructural project like building metro stations and parks and will be applicable in all dense, polluted metropolises, where there is a need for open green spaces throughout the year.

China Smog ProblemSmog Free China Someday for sure