Budget kung fu show beijing

Beijing KungFu Show Review

Beijing KungFu Show Review


When you think of China, apart from the food, one thing that you cannot be unmindful of is the Chinese martial art. Of all the ancient martial arts, Kung Fu has become a household name world over, as popularised by several blockbuster movies. The tourism industry of the country has definitely cashed in on this popularity and any visitor to the country can always come back with memories of live performances by trained Kung Fu artists.

The Red Theatre, Beijing

The Red Theatre Kung Fu Show is very popular in Beijing among tourists. The conveniently located Red Theatre, presents Kung Fu Show every evening between 5 to 9.

The theatre is very aptly called the “Red” Theatre. It is a massive red structure located on the main road and easy to find by its red lighting. The theatre has a brightly decorated modern stage and boasts some highly trained Kung Fu performers, who put together a breath-taking show every day.Budget KUng Fu Beijing Show

The skills of these young performers are a treat to your eyes. The entire show is like watching a Chinese martial art movie sans the dialogues, where every scene is enacted and explained in the form of Kung Fu only. There’s a screen above the stage with English subtitles for the viewers to catch up with the background story.

If you are a Kung Fu fan or like the vibrating yet soothing sound of Chinese music, this show is a must watch for you. You can also click pictures with a few Kung Fu heroes at the end of the show.

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Online tickets are widely available at these two sites: www.theatrebeijing.com and www.redtheatre.cn

However, if you are visiting Beijing during peak tourists seasons, make sure you book at least a day in advance. The show is very popular among foreign tourists.

Your hotel can also arrange tickets for you. Booking your tickets through your hotel or a travel agency comes with the perk of a pick-up and drop-off coach with some extra cash (which is usually not very high).

There are several Trusted Tour Agencies in Beijing that can arrange a Kung Fu cum Chinese Acrobatic Show Tour for you. Such agencies are very easy find online.

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