Walking on great wall of china

Badaling Wall Package Tour From Beijing

Badaling Wall Package Tour From Beijing


The Great Wall is a rather complex structure of raised boundary and runs for some several thousand kilometres. There are not one, but several sections of The Wall that are opened to tourists and hikers. However, in this post I will talk about the Badaling Wall Package Tour From Beijing.

Walking on great wall of chinaUnderstand

Your interest in Walking On The Great Wall Of China is likely to get marred if you are less aware of the challenges that you might encounter while making a visit here. There are several sections of the Wall that are opened for tourists and hikers. Do not decide to visit a section just by looking at a beautiful picture. It is wise to make your decision on the basis of your “purpose of visit.” If you are visiting with your family to just “enjoy” a vacation, Badaling section of The Wall is for you. This section is crowded throughout the year, in every season. If however, you are looking forward to some adventure and hiking then you may have to choose from the other sections.

Badaling Section Of The Great Wall

The Badaling Section Of The Great Wall is of one those most preserved sections and is pretty much closer to the city. A bus or a car drive will take about 1 hour to 1.5 hour to reach the entrance.

By Public Transport

Since Badaling Great Wall is the most crowded section of The Wall, there are many tourist buses that ply between Beijing and Badaling every hour.

Badaling tour packageTravelChinaGuide.com provides some very useful information about these tourist bus routes.
Click this link here for detailed information on public transport Badaling Transport.

Travelling on your own can still be confusing as different buses drop off at different entrances. Hence, it is best to visit Badaling Wall through a Trusted Tour Agency.

Arranged Great Wall Tours

There are several local tour agencies in Beijing and you can book a tour with them, either online or through your hotel travel help desk. Moreover, most visitors to the Badaling Great Wall prefer an arranged tour as it both convenient and you need not worry about the language barrier either.

Badaling tour packageArranged Group Tour

If you are OK with booking a package tour, the only thing you need to do is to find the best and the cheapest Local Tour Agency. The internet is the best place to do this task. Just keep Googling with different phrases such as: great wall tour, badaling tour, china online tour agency, beijing tour guide, tour beijing agency, etc. until you make your choice. Moreover, your hotel in Beijing can also help you choose a tour. If you are lucky, you can bag a Badaling Wall Package deal at as less as $18!

Badaling Wall Package Tour From Beijing

Having your reservation with a tour agency wipes out all your worries. All you do now is to just follow your tour guide and enjoy your day. However, you must have some knowledge of all the places that you are going to visit, as you need to be highly cautious of scams in China.

Badaling tour packageThe Tour Starts Early In The Morning

Most tour agencies combine the Badaling Wall excursion with a visit to the Ming Tomb in Changling. A typical Badaling Wall Package Tour from Beijing starts very early at about 7 am and ends at around 6 pm. The first stop is The Changling Ming Tomb.

 Badaling tour packageChangling Ming Tomb

After that, you will be taken to a “Jade Factory.” You almost can’t avoid this one even if you are not interested; as it is here that the agencies will most likely book your lunch (that comes included with the package tour)! You will be given a little demo of Jade Carving and the demonstrators will push you to buy their “genuine” Jade products. But of course, it is your free will to make any purchase.

 Badaling tour packageJade Carving In Progress

Soon a Chinese/Western lunch is served and then you are back in your vehicle, next stop being The Badaling Great Wall. By the time you reach the Badaling Cable Car station, it should be be around 1 pm, just enough time to spend at The Wall.

Badaling Cable Car

Walking on great wall of chinaCable Car is the most comfortable and the most convenient way to see The Great Wall. You definitely can walk all the way up but the walk is a rather tiring one. Usually, visitors prefer a Cable Car ride up to the #8 North Tower then walk a few metres between the stretches. Even your tour guide will recommend you to take the Cable Car, as it is both time-saving and you still have lot of energy to walk along the “actual” stretch, which is the more crowded and the more “touristy” part of the Badaling Wall. This stretch is just above the Cable Car drop-off station near #8 North Tower. A return Cable Car Ticket would cost 100 RMB per person, while the one way ticket price is 80 RMB.

 Walking on great wall of chinaZhan Tianyou Memorial Opposite Badaling Cable Car Entrance

The More Exciting Pulley

There’s yet another way to reach the walkable spot of the Badaling Wall. It is by the Pulley. The entrance to the Pulley station is near the Badaling Bear Garden. The Pulley can be a fun ride up but it is not recommended for kids and elderly persons.

The Tour Ends

Depending on your selection of tour, the Badaling Wall Package Tour From Beijing usually ends with an optional visit to the Chinese Acrobatic Show or a Kung Fu Show in the city centre.

Badaling tour package

The Famous Chinese Acrobatic Show

Arranging your Great Wall Tour with a local tour agency is the most comfortable way to see the Great Wall. An arranged day tour means you don’t have to worry about your lunch, arranging transport, looking for a guide or be dreaded about having to speak the little Chinese that you have learned.

Walking on great wall of chinaWith My Tour Guide YoYo 🙂

It’s a thrilling feeling to set your foot on The Great Wall. ENjoY!

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